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About me....

I am a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist based in N.Ireland. I have been practicing Yoga since 2012 and I love to share the practice with others.

Yoga has had a transformative impact on my own life. My practice has changed and evolved since 2012 and it continues to educate and inspire me daily. Yoga gives me the tools to understand my body, my mind and my emotions.

Yoga has healed me. It is medicine for the modern day world. 

I am in awe of the human body, its intelligence and innate ability to Heal. Within my Remedial Massage Treatments I seek to restore the body to balance. I believe when we stand out of our own way, our body knows exactly how to heal.


Much Love!

Cathy X


A massage treatment with me seeks to address the cause of discomfort, soreness and muscular tension. Whatever you are currently experiencing that prevents you from feeling at your best, we address were it is coming from so that you get lasting relief and not simply a short term remedy. 

You can choose from a 60 minute treatment targeted to a specific area of the body or a 90 minute full body massage treatment to leave you feeling blissful from head to toe.

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Yoga Styles and what they mean....

Hatha Flow

Hatha is a Sanskrit word. 'Ha' meaning Sun and 'Tha' meaning Moon. Within the physical practice of Hatha Yoga we harness the opposing energies of Sun & Moon, Active & Passive, Masculine & Feminine, Effort &  Surrender. These opposing forces are present within each of us. Hatha influences our pranic body ~ our breath and life force energy. Directly awakening our Chakras and kundalini energy, Hatha Yoga has the ability to balance, heal and transform.

Restorative Yoga

When your life is racing full speed ahead, so is your mind. Restorative Yoga helps to restore physical and mental balance. Postures are supported with bolsters and held for up to ten minutes at a time.
Flexibility is enhanced through deep passive stretching that benefits the muscles and 'fascia'.  This is the connective tissue that surrounds our muscles and connects every cell of our body.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"


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